He's Baaaaack! Michael Jordan returns to the NBA in video game land

[postlink]http://networks.goodnewsweekly.ca/2010/10/hes-baaaaack-michael-jordan-returns-to.html[/postlink]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmL9T3tbS6Mendofvid[starttext]Kobe Bryant breaks down the court. He has a man to his left streaking to the basket. Kobe lobs it up for an alley oop...and Michael Jordan slams it home? Yup. In NBA 2K11, Michael Jordan is back on the hardcourt, reliving some of his greatest moments, and creating a whole lot of new ones. Our favourite part of the clip is when MJ blocks Shaq, and Kobe Bryant starts to laugh. Enjoy![endtext]


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